800 to 4,300 mm

We manufacture conical heads in accordance with GOST 34233.2-2017 and GOST 34347-2017, taking into account the individual characteristics of tanks, operating conditions, pressure, material, etc.

The shape and size of tank heads according to GOST R 52857.2-2007

Fabrication in compliance with GOST R 52630-2012 standard

Inspection by the Technical Control Department

Tank head design and cost calculation 1 day

Conical head dimensions

  • D = 800÷4,300 mm
  • s = 4÷22 mm
  • r=50÷200 мм
  • a=80÷150 mm
  • h1≥3.5s
  • h1≥3.5s
  • d = at least 100 mm, for D = 800÷1,400 mm
  • d = at least 600 mm, D = 1,420÷4,300 mm

Cone blank height = up to 1,300 mm

Conical heads are used in bunkers, silos, settling tanks, as well as other tanks and vessels.


A conical head is a cylinder tapering to the bottom. A wide part’s diameter may vary from 0.8 to 4.3 m. A workpiece’s maximum height is 1.3 m. A flanged element may be made of carbon or stainless steel, or other materials.

Production methods

A flanged conical element is manufactured based on the design calculation performed in accordance with the applicable state standards. Products are manufactured in compliance with GOST 34233.2-2017, GOST 34347-2017, and the company’s internal technical specifications.

This head is manufactured by cold forming to ensure the maximum accuracy of dimensions, absolute smoothness, and corrugation. Moreover, this method reduces the metal consumption and end product cost.