The quality of the products supplied by OOO Hermes-Ural (LLC) complies with the technical requirements of the following standards:

  • GOST 6533-78 – Steel ellipsoidal dished flanged heads for vessels, apparatuses and boilers. Basic dimensions
  • GOST R 52630-2012 – welded steel vessels and apparatuses. General technical requirements to materials and manufacturing of vessel and apparatus elements, including requirements to heat treatment, quality and control of welded joints, methods of control, marking, and packaging of the finished product;
  • TU 4120-001-73649180-2016 – elliptical and torispherical heads. Hermes-Ural standard;
  • ТР-ТС-032/2013 – declaration of conformity ТС № RU D-RU.АУ04.В.38636, certificate of conformity TC RU C-RU MЭ70.В.00045;
  • STO 00220368-019-2011 – heat treatment of petrochemical processing equipment and its components;
  • PTM 26-44-82 – heat treatment of petrochemical processing equipment and its components;
  • PB 03-584-03 – Safety regulations. Rules of design, manufacturing and acceptance of welded steel vessels and apparatuses.

Everything is manufactured in-house, at the premises of Hermes-Ural. No part of the production cycle is located outside the enterprise, with the exception of destructive testing of both base metals and welded joints, which is performed in an accredited laboratory. Production cycles are carried out with modern certified equipment, highly qualified certified personnel, and licensed / certified technologies.

Due to close control of each stage of production, it is always possible to achieve excellent results regardless of the amount of work. Thanks to the in-house non-destructive testing laboratory we can test compliance of the manufactured equipment with the declared strength characteristics long before putting the equipment into operation in conditions close to real.

We provide the product passport, material certificate, heating diagram (heat treatment of the product), heating diagram decoding, protocol of the accredited laboratory certifying compliance of the main material with the Customer’s additional requirements, for example GOST 5520-79 standard.