Heads for Tanks and Vessels

OOO Hermes-Ural produces heads for industrial units, food and petrochemical industries. During the years of fruitful work our company expanded the scope of its services. Nowadays, our specialists easily cope with the work, drawings and documentation of any Customer. Besides, they can offer their own design and technological solutions as well as competently introduce complex high-tech technologies into production processes.

We specialize in the fabrication of heads of different shapes and diameters for vessels, tanks and boilers. Our customers are producers of equipment and tanks for petrochemical industry. You can order heads or end caps, buy and arrange their delivery by submitting a request, which will be processed within one day. We will fulfill any of the requirements of our Customer’s regulatory and technical documentation.

Heads/end caps are pressed to customer specifications without heating the workpiece. The procedure of cold pressing is divided into transitions and operations which are carried out by a special press.

Cold pressing is one of the most popular and effective methods to produce steel products in Europe. Our company has also been using this method of production for a long time, which means that now we can quickly and accurately produce high-precision parts or products of premium quality without damaging their internal structure.

Features of cold pressing:

  • In cold pressing, the workpiece is only pressed without heating either before or during the stamping process. Gradually being pressed by the dishing press, the part obtains its required shape.
  • Special equipment is used for this type of pressing – powerful press machines with special dies. Each die has its own shape and is designed to perform a certain function. Depending on their shape, dies can perform both simple and complex technological operations.

The method of cold pressing has the following technological advantages:

  • The fabrication process goes on smoothly, in a sequence thus saving precious time and resources.
  • Parts from one batch made by metal pressing have practically identical dimensions – they are interchangeable.
  • The following kinds of tank heads can be made by cold pressing: flat-dished, standard dished, flat flanged, conical flanged, torispherical, elliptical, and spherical.