Heads for vessels and machines

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Heads are used to ensure tank or vessel tightness and integrity throughout the entire service life. You can order torospherical, elliptical, conical, and other heads from Hermes Ural LLC.

Scope of application

Heads are intended for tanks and vessels used in pharmacology, as well as chemical, food, and oil refining industries, housing, and other fields. Since products can withstand extremely high pressure or vacuum, they are used in gas pipelines, reactors, filters, and other vessels. Such stainless tanks can act as reservoirs for storing bulk materials or filling vessels for the operating pressure of up to 0.07 MPa.

Made of:

  • stainless or corrosion-resistant steel
  • cold-resistant steel
  • carbon steel

Products are manufactured by means of cold forming and rolling. This method implies that metal parts are processed under pressure without heating the workpiece. The manufacturing process consists of several operations, ensuring gradual and consistent transformation of the original shape. A cold-formed stainless tank is characterized by exceptional dimensional accuracy and preserved internal structure.

With this method of production, stainless heads in one batch have the accurately same dimensions. Cold forming helps a customer reduce costs substantially and allows producing a top-grade product for tanks of any dimensions and sizes. The vessel is connected to the bottom by welding (a circumferential welded seam is located at the place where the support shell is attached to the finished part).

Types of heads

Torospherical heads are used in syrup-making boilers, sugar syrup making and storage plants, and sorting and head tanks. They are also used in the petrochemical industry, housing, and other fields. Depending on the required curvature degree and tank shape, one can choose from three types of torospherical heads: A, B, or C.

Spherical. Used as closing parts in pipelines for various purposes. Designed for tanks and vessels used in healthcare and other industries.

Elliptical. Such heads are very versatile, and can be flanged or not flanged. Used in the pharmaceutics, agriculture, construction, and other industries.

Flat-convex. Such heads are used for vertical high-pressure tanks with thick walls.

Normally convex. Used in metallurgy, woodworking, and other industries.

Conical. Conical heads are used in the production of silos, bunkers, etc. They are also used in reservoirs operated under low pressure.

Our advantages

  • Products are manufactured with the use of cutting-edge European equipment that is properly certified in Russia. This approach allowed us to heavily improve the quality of products, no matter the batch quantity.
  • We only rely on in-house production facilities and never forward any orders to third-party intermediaries. Any time you come to us, you can rest assured all of your desires and requirements will be carefully addressed.
  • Before submitted to a customer, all end products (stainless vessels, shells, bottoms, etc.) undergo thorough tests at the in-house accredited laboratory. Every product is labeled and shipped with all the necessary certificates.
  • We are ready to deliver oversized cargos (including tanks) to any region of Russia and the world, as soon as possible.

You can order heads for tanks and vessels by email. After your request is processed, the project management department will calculate the order and get back to you with a total cost.