800 to 4,500 mm

We manufacture spherical heads in accordance with GOST 34233.2-2017 and GOST 34347-2017, taking into account the individual characteristics of tanks, operating conditions, pressure, material, etc.

The shape and size of tank heads according to GOST R 52857.2-2007

Fabrication in compliance with GOST R 52630-2012 standard

Inspection by the Technical Control Department

Tank head design and cost calculation 1 day

Spherical head dimensions

  • D = 800÷4,500 mm
  • s = 2÷40 mm
  • R=0.85÷1.0D

Hermes-Ural manufactures top-quality spherical heads of various sizes from stainless steel. Products can also be manufactured on a custom basis, in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

Scope of application

Unlike an elliptical workpiece, a spherical head does not require flanging. This is why spherical heads can be used in the internal structures of pipelines. Besides that, they are widely used in pharmaceutics, power industry; and chemical and food processing industries.

Also, the spherical composition of products allows using them in architecture and design, improvement of household plots, and other areas. Non-flanged metal products are elements of cylindrical vessels and machines operating under low pressure or filling vessels (filter presses, fuel tanks, accumulators, tank trucks, etc.).


These non-flanged products are manufactured by cold forming, and then thermally heated for greater strength. A non-flanged edge is attached to the tank by welding. The following materials are used in the manufacture:

  • stainless steel
  • double-layer steel
  • carbon steel and other types of steel

The diameter of spherical products manufactured by our company can vary from 0.8 to 4.5 meters.