Осветительные фильтры (ФОВ)

A vertical clarifying filter is a device meant to purify water from impurities and contamination in the form of suspended particles.

Such devices are installed in boiler houses, at thermal power plants, condensing power plants, and other facilities requiring the use of water treatment machines.

Design features

Hermes-Ural manufactures clarifying filters in the form of vertical cylindrical tanks with a housing made of steel St3 or 09G2C and an elliptical head. The structure also comprises:

  • switchgear assemblies
  • pipelines for pumping liquid
  • shut-off devices (valves, fittings, etc.)
  • a sampling device
  • natural stone filtering load (quartz sand, crushed anthracite, marble chips, etc.)
  • screen nozzles

Two-chamber and three-chamber vertical clarifying filters deliver higher performance. Unlike single-chamber filters, they have a larger capacity, as well as lower and upper switchgear assemblies.

To extend the service life, the tank is manufactured with an anti-corrosion coating on the inner side; components can be made of durable plastic or stainless steel. It is recommended to use the units in closed rooms, at ambient temperatures above 0 ºC.


The operation of a bulk clarifying filter includes the following actions:

  • liquid clarification
  • loosening
  • backwash

Inlet water is fed into the tank under a pressure of 0.6 MPa. Passing through the filter, impurities and contamination particles are retained on the filter material, while the purified liquid is removed. The filter is washed by directing the water stream from the bottom up and loosening the filtering component. After that, the liquid is discharged.

The service life of the equipment is 20 years.