A shell is an all-metal cylindrical or conical product with unplugged ends. In terms of appearance, a shell resembles a rim or ring that is used as part of more complex structures. Simple as a shell seems, it boasts a wide scope of application. An indispensible element in machine engineering, shells are also used in the manufacture of various products in construction, metallurgy, oil refining, and other industries.


Shells of various shapes and dimensions can be used in production of:

  • tanks, silos, reservoirs, boilers, and other welded containers.
  • pipe sleeves and supports of bridges, sewers, crossings, and water pipelines
  • gas ducts; smoke, proces, and ventilation pipes.
  • bends, transition elements, tee-joints, pipe branches, and expansion joints for pipelines.
  • rollers, bandages, flanges, drums, and other special products.


Hermes-Ural carries out the high-tech production of a rich line of industrial-use shells. We manufacture and distribute in Yekaterinburg various conical and cylindrical shells with different technical parameters:

  • diameter from 330 mm (for solid workpieces) to 2,600 mm (for sectional assemblies)
  • wall thickness within 10 mm
  • height (without welding) up to 2,200 mm (as required by the customer)

Depending on the operating conditions, a shell can be made of corrosion-resistant, carbon, heat-resistant, low-allow, double-layer, or other types of steel.