Production of industrial separators

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Mesh gas separator

Gas purification from fine-dispersed moisture is guaranteed when the productivity is decreased to the level of 30-40% of the rated value.

Separator filter, coalescer filter (one- or two-stage)

A system for purifying the transported natural gas for compressor stations.

Gas-liquid centrifugal separator

A gas-liquid centrifugal separator for purification of the gas flow from mechanical impurities and dripping liquid.

Flare separators

A flare separator purifies the gas or air from the liquid that they may contain.

BUON oil dehydration machine

Oil dehydration machines are exploited in the oil and gas collection system, as part of the initial water separation and oil treatment plants.

Oil degasser buffer

Oil degasser buffers are used at oilfield facilities, oil and gas production enterprises; at oil treatment and initial water separation plants.

Fine water purification machine

Fine water purification machines are used for purifying formation water from oil and mechanical impurities at initial water separation and oil treatment plants.