An oil collector is used in forced low-pressure oil separation and distribution systems.

The oil separated from the vaporous refrigerant in the oil separator enters the oil collector. The latter acts as a reservoir storing the oil reserve that must be fed to the crankcase of any central refrigeration compressor if the oil level in the crankcase falls.

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The oil level inside the oil collector may vary during the refrigeration system operation; the higher the oil collector’s volume, the higher the chance that oil is always available for feeding to the compressors. For better prevention of the emergency oil level decrease in the oil collector, an optical level sensor S-9420-1, which opens the emergency contact, can be built into the lower peephole.

Oil collector types

There are several types of equipment used for collection of discharge lubricating fluids:

  • Oil collectors with a funnel are tanks (60-100 liters) that can be moved on wheels. The funnel height and angle can be adjustable. When used at a car service station, such models operate in combination with car lifts—since they are meant to be placed under the engine. In some modifications, the funnel can be hauled down and rolled under the serviced equipment. To convey the discharge oil to the oil collector, the funnel is raised.
  • Oil collectors fitted with gauges of various sizes usually have a capacity of 24-80 liters. Models of this type are fitted with wheels or placed on a base. Can be used without lifts. Structures with increased wheel diameters are great for rooms with uneven floors.