Мобильные силоса для перевозки, хранения сыпучих строительных смесей

A mobile silos is a special movable container designed for loading and unloading, long-term storage, and transportation of dry mortars and other types of raw materials.

It reliably protects bulk materials from environmental effects and facilitates the supply thereof for further use.

Mobile silos are actively used at construction sides and in workshops where large volumes of cement and other construction mixtures are used every day.

Specifications and types

A silo for cement and other dry mixes is metal cylinder with a housing made of 4-6-mm thick sheet steel with additional stiffening ribs. On top of the device is a removable cap with a cement pipeline, pressure-relieving valve, and dust-collecting filter. At the bottom is a conical funnel for unloading the material, fitted with a screw or slide gate. If necessary, the unit can be furnished with an aeration system, shutter drive, load sensors, and other equipment.

Every model is supplied with a mobile base. By structure, silos are categorized as follows:

  • Solid. Such silos have a one-piece high-strength housing that ensures content integrity even in case of external damage
  • Modular. Modular silos consist of a detachable conical funnel placed on supports and a bunker. There are also fully modular models. They are considered the most transportable models.

Chamber capacity is considered the central parameter of this device. It is determined by the structure height and diameter and may accommodate 30-120 metric tons of cement or other bulk materials.


Cement or another dry mixture is loaded into the containers through the top cover, at a factory or a construction site. The material is unloaded through the conical funnel, by means of manual or automatic gate opening. Such a simple procedure highly facilitates the unloading process. With that, storage and transportation of cement and other dry mixtures in a silo significantly curbs expenses eliminating the need to use bags or other packaging.


  • The sealed structure shelters cement and other materials from moisture and other environmental effects ensuring storage thereof under ideal conditions.
  • Additional equipment helps manage the microclimate by setting the optimal temperature and humidity level inside the chamber.
  • Due to its structure, a silo can withstand high wind, snow, and mechanical impact and loads without a risk to tilt or fall.
  • A silos can be purchased in a custom bundle with any additional equipment needed for production.
  • A mobile wheelbase and light weight allow transporting the vessel by a vehicle over any distance.