Вертикальный газгольдер

A vertical gas holder is a tall cylindrical container on supports for ground or underground installation, used for storage of LPG or transportation thereof to an end user. Such plants are indispensable elements of autonomous gas supply of small suburban areas and cottages.

The recommended house area for heating is up to 150 square meters.

Design features

Hermes-Ural manufactures vertical tanks from durable sheet steel, fitting them with stiffening ribs. The structure’s surface is treated with an anti-corrosion compound.

Every model’s cost includes reliable European control and shut-off devices (valves, pressure gauges, etc.). Additional components:

  • instruments and controls to facilitate operation and maintenance (level gauges, thermometers, sensors, etc.)
  • special forced evaporation devices to increase the gas holder’s performance

Strengths and weaknesses

The principle advantage of a vertical gas holder is its compactness. Offering the same capacity, it occupies 3 times as little space as a horizontal model. This is why tanks can be installed at small-area facilities. The benefits of vertical tanks also include:

  • durability
  • constant water surface area for efficient evaporation of the propane-butane mixture
  • easy maintenance and connection
  • high moisture resistance
  • ground/underground installation

The downsides of such tanks are as follows:

  • housing must be thermally insulated, since evaporation efficiency declines at negative temperatures
  • low performance due to a smaller evaporation area
  • high price of a vertical gas holder

Underground installation will entail heavy expenses on digging a deep pit and advanced soil exploration.