A mobile gas holder is a sealed tank on a movable wheeled chassis designed for storing and transporting liquefied natural gas. The large volume (up to 600 l) and ease of relocation to any distance are the factors that make mobile gas holders a perfect alternative to conventional cylinders for the use at sites without the centralized gas supply.


A mobile gas holder can be used as a primary or backup fuel source for boiler equipment that ensures the operation of autonomous heating and water boiling systems for country houses and cottages.

Such plants are also suitable for gasification of construction cabins, garages, workshops, utility rooms, and other temporary use facilities. Such gas tanks also see high demand among commercial enterprises.

Structure and installation specifics

These tanks are all-metal reservoirs placed on a trailer with a single- or two-axle wheelbase. A mobile platform is equipped with a traction device and outriggers for firm fixation on the ground.

Mobile gas holders’ prices vary depending on the design version (with or without forced heating) The operating volume and configuration also affect the final price. Usually, such plants include: 

  • a galvanized steel frame for fixing the container on the trailer.
  • special precipitation protection with tented shelter.
  • shut-off and control devices, instruments, and other technical equipment to manage the consumption and the current status of the propane-butane mixture.
  • pipe branches and collapsible joints for connection to end users.
  • flexible gas pipeline with a standard connector and thermal insulation.

Placement requirements

The operation of this equipment in a private household does not require obtaining special permits. The procedure for registration and operation of a gas holder by a commercial enterprise is set forth in PB 03-576-03 and Orders of Rostechnadzor (The Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision).

The chassis that ensures the tank mobility is also subject to mandatory registration. There are also some requirements that must be observed while using mobile gas holders on a trailer:

  • Only a qualified specialist can attach the equipment and initialize the unit’s operation.
  • During operation, the equipment must be securely protected from overheating in the sun and atmospheric effects, no matter the season.
  • It is necessary to restrict the unauthorized access to shut-off and control valves that are part of the mobile plant.

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