Горизонтальные газгольдеры

A horizontal gas holder is an all-metal container designed for safe storage of liquefied petroleum gas and dispense thereof to consumers.

Such reservoirs are used in autonomous gas supply of suburban and cottage settlements, industrial enterprises, HoReCa commercial facilities—for the purposes of heating and enabling stoves and water heating devices.

Design features

An LPG tank has an all-metal housing made by sheet steel welding. The structure is fitted with stiffening ribs and a high neck to allow for underground installation. Hermes-Ural supplies horizontal gas holders with supporting legs and high-grade imported shut-off and control equipment.

Additional components may include valves and instruments and controls. According to the technical requirements, tanks intended for ground use must be equipped with forced evaporation units.

Strengths and weaknesses

A horizontal tank offers a higher capacity than vertical reservoirs, which makes the former suitable for the use not only in the grounds but also for industrial purposes. It is reasonable to purchase structures of this type for the use at facilities more than 200 square meters in area. Depending on the installation method and expected gas consumption, it is recommended to choose gas holders with the operating volume of 0.5 to 60 cubic meters.

The benefits of such tanks also include the following:

  • durability
  • ground/underground installation
  • resistance to harsh environmental effects
  • easy maintenance and connection

The principal bottlenecks related to horizontal reservoirs are small spare area, necessity of a special regulator to maintain a specific level of the gas mixture, and expensive underground installation.