Газгольдер наземный

A ground gas holder is a horizontal or vertical tank designed for storing LPG and supplying it to end users. According to the technical requirements pertaining to gas units, a cylindrical tank with an all-metal housing must be installed on supports, placed on a properly prepared slab, at least 10 meters away from a residential building.

It’s also necessary to ensure the constant evaporation of the gas-air mixture by using special equipment and insulating the structure walls at temperatures below -0.5 ºC.

Scope of application

Ground gas holders are effective in autonomous gas supply of country houses, cottage settlements, and industrial facilities. Such tanks are used to feed gas to kitchen stoves, water boilers, and heating units in areas with rocky soil, low soil freeze level; they are also used for organization of temporary gas supply.


The following strengths may persuade a consumer to purchase a ground LPG tank:

  • ease of installation. Installation of a ground LPG tank does not require digging a pit or arranging special conditions for the equipment in mobile-soil areas. A gas holder is mounted on support legs placed on a concrete slab. After that, pipelines, couplings, and other operating devices are connected.
  • higher volume. According to the safety rules, gas tanks must be filled no more than to 85% of capacity. Possibility of installation of ground equipment with a volume of up to 60,000 liters allows choosing a tank with optimal dimensions based on the expected mixture consumption, without increasing installation expenses.
  • optimal structure. Hermes-Ural manufactures necked tanks with a high-strength steel housing coated with anti-corrosion paint. A ground gas holder’s supply content also includes shut-off and control valves from German or Italian brands. We are also ready to install valves, indicators, evaporation devices, and other units.

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