Дренажные емкости под налив ЕП и ЕПП

Filling vessels and heating filling vessels are special all-welded underground tanks intended for draining and storing residues of alkalis, oils, petroleum, oil products, aggressive acids, and other substances.

This equipment is extensively used by enterprises of the chemical, oil-refining, coke-chemical, and oil-and-gas industries for emptying tanks, machines, pipelines, and other equipment.

Drainage vessels are perfect solutions for storing products of various hazard classes under pressure of up to 0.07 MPa and at temperatures from -60 ºC.

Product types

Hermes-Ural manufactures drainage vessels in accordance with GOST R 52630-2021 and other applicable standards. During production, specialists use the cutting-edge welding, rolling, and anti-corrosion treatment techniques. The product line comprises drainage vessels for petroleum products with a wide range of technical specifications. There are two main types of drainage vessels manufactured by Hermes-Ural:

  • Filling vessels (unheated) A standard underground vessel without positive heating. Designed for temperate-climate areas
  • Heated filling vessels These are vessels equipped with hot water heating (a coil with a heat carrier) or electric heating (a heating cable) modules that prevent liquid freezing.

Drainage vessels are also classified by the following technical parameters:

  • structure type (single- or double-walled)
  • number of internal chambers (one, 2-4, or more)
  • nominal volume (5 to 100 cubic meters)
  • climatic category (Moderate 0, Warm 4, Cold 1)
  • environmental hazard class (2, 3, or 4)

Drainage vessel portrait

Drainage vessels are horizontal reservoirs with an elliptical or conical head. The housing is made of 8 mm thick steel, pre-painted and enamel-coated for corrosion resistance. In the upper part of the drainage vessel are two high necks with hatches for pump placement and maintenance. Every tank is equipped with an internal ladder and pipe branches. The equipment can also be supplied with additional components (for instance, reservoir support legs, ventilation system, and a set of instruments and controls). A vessel can be fitted with a submersible or semi-submersible pump for pumping out petroleum products with any required capacity and dimensions.

The end-to-end in-house production allows Hermes-Ural to manufacture heated or standard drainage vessels in any design as required by the customer. If you want to learn more about product prices, order a roomy and durable container to store water, petroleum products, industrial water, gas condensate, or other non-inflammable or highly inflammable liquids, please contact Hermes-Ural specialists by email.