A vertical compressed air receiver is a device for collection, storage, and delivery of compressed air to a end user; meant to amplify the compressor’s performance and extend its service life.

Such equipment also reduces the risk of failure of devices requiring a stable air stream. Hermes-Ural manufactures air collectors to compensate for pressure drops and reduce air pulsations resulting from the operation of compressors, pneumatic systems, ammonia, nitrogen, and other units.

Design features

A vertical air receiver includes the following elements:

  • a cylindrical steel container with a protective paint coating
  • an elliptical or conical head
  • supports for installation on a prepared base
  • safety valves and pipe branches
  • shut-off devices and maintenance hatches
  • pressure, air level, and other controllers


  • Compactness. Vertically oriented equipment occupies a smaller area than a horizontal unit, preserving performance and functionality. Well-arranged design helps maintain the system without a need to climb to the top of the receiver.
  • A system of air collectors can be created. It’s easy to connect vertical vessels in parallel or as series—ensuring both better performance and more efficient air purification from oil particles, condensate, etc.
  • Storage of the necessary air supply. With the volume and performance selected properly, a unit can provide continuous supply of compressed air to end users, even if the compressor is unstable.