Cashless payments

The customer pays for the products as prescribed by the Agreement, within the time limits set forth in the Data Sheet, by transferring funds to the Supplier’s settlement account. In the payment purpose, the Customer has to specify the Agreement number and date, Data Sheet number, and number of the Invoice under which they make the payment. By agreement, the Parties may set forth a custom payment method and procedure.

The price per product and shipment cost are determined by the Parties in respective Data Sheets.

Transactions under the Agreement are made in Russian rubles (RUB).


Products are shipped under the EXW (Ex Works), Free Factory terms (Incoterms as amended in 2010); putting the Products at the disposal of the Customer at the Supplier’s Warehouse located at 6 Estonskaya Street, Yekaterinburg, Russia (pickup).

Delivery across Russia and the world at the expense of the Supplier must be agreed on with the manager when approving the Data Sheet. The delivery cost depends on the delivery distance and nature of the Products.

Production address

6 Estonskaya Street, Kompressorny District, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblsast, Russia 620007