A used forming, dishing and spinning machine Keilinghaus Pls 1500 factory no. 688/65 is offered for sale after overhauling and equipping with a new controller Sinumerik 840 D.

Machine overhauling included :

  • The whole machine was subjected to a complete overhaul and reconstruction and brought to the perfect condition of a new modern machine.
  • All carriage guides, spindle box bearings and the pressing dies have been replaced.
  • New hydraulic valves and pumps
  • All hydraulic cylinders have been aligned and subjected to a complete overhaul.
  • New electrical and control equipment
  • All carriage guides are equipped with a central lubrication system.

Overhaul works performed by

InnoSpin GmbH, 59510 Lippetal, Lippborgen Strasse 26.
factory no. 11.054.00

Photograph of Keilinghaus Pls 1500

Technical parameters of Keilinghaus Pls 1500

Parameter Value
Center height 2200 mm
Center width between the spindle flange and pressing die 2600 mm
Minimum diameter of a round blank 300 mm
Maximum diameter of a round blank 3000 mm
Maximum sheet thickness,10 mm 10 mm
Minimum sheet thickness sheet, 5 mm
Number of revolutions:
1-st stage reduction 5-240 rev/min
2-nd stage reduction 5-540 rev/min
Spindle head DIN 55027 size 15
Sliding carriage:
Longitudinal stroke 2300 mm
Traverse stroke 700 mm
Longitudinal force 300 kN
Traverse force 300 kN
Speed in longitudinal motion 3 m/min
Speed in traverse motion 3 m/min
Tail block:
Space height 1200 mm
Pressing force 5-240 kN
Forward stroke speed 6 m/min
Backward stroke speed
8 m/min
Knock-out pin:
Knock-out pin elevation travel 450 mm
Pressing force 20-180 kN
Forward stroke speed 6 m/min
Backward stroke speed 8 m/min
Main spindle drive 200 kW
Hydraulic drive 70 kW
Noise level 80 dBA
Machine weight (without tools) 72200 kg

Keilinghaus Pls 1500 performance capabilities

Dishing of flat-dished heads with thinning of
up to 20% of the initial thickness of the workpiece


Flanging of conical blanks