Нормально-выпуклые днища

1,000 to 4,300 mm

We manufacture normally convex heads with consideration of the individual characteristics of tanks, operating conditions, pressure, material, etc.

The shape and size of tank heads
according to GOST R 52857.2-2007

Fabrication in compliance with
GOST R 52630-2012 standard

Inspection by the
Technical Control Department

Tank head design and cost calculation
1 day

Normally convex head dimensions

  • D = 1,000÷4,300 mm
  • s = 4÷26 mm
  • R = D
  • r=50 or 100 mm
  • h1≥3.5s


Normally convex products are used in the manufacture of vessels, boilers, and other containers for the petrochemical and other industries. The technical specifications of the imported equipment employed by Hermes-Ural allow creating products with diameters of 1 to 4.3 m and standard-thickness walls (0.4 to 2.6 cm thick). The cylindrical part of the workpiece is flanged.


A normally convex head is manufactured in accordance with the customer’s ready-made drawings and specifications. The manufacture and quality assurance processes are compliant with GOST 34233.2-2017, GOST 34347-2017, and internal technical requirements.

During the design process, the company’s process engineers take into account the structural specifics of tanks for which a head is intended, as well as operating conditions, required durability, resistance to static loads, and other parameters. A convex element is manufactured by means of cold forming under pressure, with the use of the specialized equipment. Cold deformation of the metal provides the following benefits:

  • zero oxidation
  • eased flanging 
  • higher accuracy of dimensions
  • maximum smoothness of the end product’s surface