Плоско-выпуклые днища

Flat dished + flanged heads

from 1000 to 4300 mm

We manufacture flat dished + flanged tank heads in compliance with GOST R 52857.2-2007 and GOST R 52630-2012 requirements taking into account individual features of the vessels, operating conditions, pressure values, selected material, etc.

The shape and size of tank heads
according to GOST R 52857.2-2007

Fabrication in compliance with
GOST R 52630-2012 standard

Inspection by the
Technical Control Department

Tank head design and cost calculation
1 day

Flat dished + flanged head dimensions

  • D = 1000…4300 mm
  • s = 4…26 mm
  • R=1,2…1,4D
  • r=50 или 100 мм
  • h1≥3,5s